Car mechanic at the Repair Café

Leo repareert een kinderauto

Leo tried his hand at car repairs this evening, at the Repair Café.

The electric Mercedes C63 belonging to 5-year-old Shiv refused to move forwards or backwards. After 4 years and 888.88 km the car suddenly stopped moving. Leo first tested the battery and (as you no doubt will have guessed) the voltage was too low. In order to drive the car a voltage of 13.5 is required. The old battery couldn’t generate more than 7.7 volts.


Other succesful repairs were:

– an electric oven that wouldn’t close properly following a fall from a kitchen worktop (a special mastic silicon kit was used, one that hardens once heat is applied)

– an adjustable stool that kept sinking (a new gas spring cylinder was mounted)

– a wifi printer that wouldn’t print (the settings were adjusted)

– three bikes with, amongst other things, a flat tyre, and a broken dynamo.


We also received an old coffee machine to patch up and find a good home for. Life is full of surprises at the Repair Café. You never know what people will bring in to be repaired!

Car mechanic at the Repair Café
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