Introduction to growing mushrooms

On Saturday, during the wet and windy garden work day, Barbara gave an introductory workshop about growing mushrooms.

Below you will find her report:

During the introduction I explained how you can grow mushrooms and what is needed for this.
The media suitable for growing mushrooms.
The room temperature and amount of light required, and where you can grow them.
How you can grow mushrooms on a small scale at home and what you might need for this.
I also discussed different mushroom species and their special features.
Questions were asked and tips were exchanged.

Next time we will meet to prepare the media for the mushrooms. We will select a dry, sunny day in April for this, so that we can do odd jobs in the garden. The exact day will be announced at a later date, in the Community Gardens group and in the new mushroom app group. The workshop participants are keen to learn more.

It was a short but sweet, fun meeting.

Community Garden Work Day

Today we roll up our sleeves and set to work in the garden: weeding, repairing, (re)planting, picking up litter, distributing soil and compost and much more.

As well as tools and gardening gloves, we also have tea, coffee and some edible treats waiting for you. We start at 10:00 am with an update on progress in the garden and continue until at least 2:00 pm.

We are very happy with any help in the garden. Everyone and anyone is welcome to join in the activities today. 


Workshop Introduction to Growing Mushrooms

This Saturday, at 11 am, Barbara will be giving a workshop in which she will talk about the mushrooms she is cultivating for the garden, what her plans are and how you yourself can grown mushrooms at home.

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